Server Information is a minecraft survival server. It is what some define as semi-vanilla, meaning you play like vanilla minecraft but with some basic plugins for protection and communication.

The basic plugin we use is Essentials that takes care of what a player can and cannot do. It also handle some basic economy for player to player trading.
For land protection we use WorldGuard with players themselfs having some access to it so they can make their own protection when no moderator is online.
We also have Dynmap which creates a map over our worlds to be accessed from the web. We do not use any game plugins like spleef, but we do have treasure chest.
We also use a plugin called PurpleIRC that enables chatting with IRC channels. This way you don't have to be online to talk to friends. used to be a minecraft server some time ago (read more here), but eventually ended. Aurora led by goldenflame took over the server duties and have been running ever since.
Now that is back, both servers run simultaneously and also have their chat connected to our server so old friends can talk to each other while playing their favorite server.

Today minecraft is run mainly by Aeonster, Ailise and Gogonator with a goal to keep it simple. e.g., Not many plugins or worlds or special priviliges, just pure survival.
So come and join us and share your skills/experience and have fun with us at

Not convinced? Check out some of the builds our community has build during the first two weeks.
The logotype at spawn. Made specially for dynmap purposes.
Our spawn town Alma Castillo still growing slowly. With 17 hidden treasure chest so far.
More and more player settle their homes east of spawn. GamingTom, Xantitide and Alpha is few of them.
The spawn castle of Alma Castillo located south of spawn is still under construction.
HMS Creeps outside Alma Castillo castle. Built in honor of our old Creepscomic server.
The spires of Nakryael. Located in the south.
Home of buddycat and his king chicken. Located southwest.
Everglades is the home of Craig and WonderWaffle. Located east.
Spiral-mountain home of Phoenix Archer. Located north.
Newly created home of Narwhal and Alpha. Located far west.
Gleesomstorm started contruction on a viking themed home. Located far northwest.
Nerdrob is our redstone guru. Creating games like connect4 in the far southeast.