Do not grief! This includes breaking someone else's blocks, or place blocks on their build without their permission.
Do not use cheats or hacks! Anything that gives you an unfair advantage within the game - xrays, flying, certain resource packs, ect. Trying to find loopholes in this rule will not work (e.g., you didn't explicitly state that this was illegal).
Do not spam! This includes all kinds of multi-posting, be it only commas or various short texts that doesn't add to anything it's still spam.
Do not post or advertise competing server/sites! This also includes trying to steal members to your own server.
Do be respectful towards other players! Be nice and don't bully people. We are trying to have a nice time.
Do be nice! If other players ask for something, try and help them. We were all beginners at start.
Do use common sense. If you think something might be illegal/wrong than it probably is and you shouldn't be doing it.
Do not leave floating trees! This means you cut the lower part of a tree and leave the upper part floating. Just don't!
Do not set your home in someone else's house without their permission. Even if they have the most awesome grinder, you still need their permission to use it.
Do not PvP without consent! PvP can ONLY happen if both parties agree. Repeatedly killing someone without their consent for PvP will get you banned!
Do not steal other players' stuff! This includes all their cattle (even horses). If they die, don't steal their armor and items. Be nice and give it back to them.
Do not kill other players' animals or steal their crops. This falls under the griefing rule.
Do not have excessive amount of animals/mobs. Try not to have more than 25 of each animal or mob. Because this is causing the server to lag. Having 2000 sheep is not an achievement.
Do not Beg! This includes changing the day, the weather, requesting items, teleports ect. If someone gives you something be nice and take it, but that doesn't mean you can start requesting everything from top to bottom.
Admins are the law! If they tell you to stop, you stop! They don't have to give explanations for getting jail/kick/mute/ban.
What ends in a ban depends on how much you ruin the game for other players. You won't get permanent ban for leaving floating trees, but constant cursing and killing will.
If someone hits you it doesn't mean you have to kill him. Talk the missunderstanding out to avoid getting banned. You can get banned even if it wasn't your fault because it all depends on how it looks in perspective, try and solve problems in a non-violent way instead. In our server that will get you far.
These rules are here to protect YOU as a player from jerks, so please, don't be that jerk.
You are responsible for all actions taken by your account REGARDLESS of who was behind the keyboard!We can't ban people but we CAN ban accounts so act accordingly. e.g., If your friend borrow the account and got banned. This is still on you, so change password and do not loan out the account.