This is a chat protocol that is connected to our server. With an IRC application you can talk with the players in the server without being logged into the game.
There are several application (pc & mobile) for connecting to an IRC server. They all usually require 3 things from you: A hostname, a channel and a username.

IRC information for connecting
Username:We leave that to you
Some application require you to type in the port number.
The server does NOT require any SSL connection and our channel does NOT require a password to enter.
IRC server command
There is a few commands available for everyone in the IRC. Unlike Minecraft the IRC commands starts with a . (dot)

Views a list of commands, not all on the list are available. You need to be OP for ban, kick and so on.

Lists all the players online in Minecraft Ailise

.msg <player> <message>
Send a private message to a player in-game. Notice that posting the command in the main channel everyone will see it. Start a private chat window with ~Ailise (bot) to send message in private.

There is also a few commands you can run from Minecraft to IRC

/irc list
Lists all users online in IRC channel

/irc msg <user> <message>
Send a private message from Minecraft to an IRC user.
mIRC tutorial

Because there are so many IRC applications out there we decided to make a short tutorial on the most popular one.
mIRC is a shareware with a 30 days evaluation - you can still use it after 30 days (similar to winzip/winrar).
It is only available for Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded from
So download, install and start the software.
This is the first window that appear after you start mIRC. Choose a nickname. Alternative is incase someone already has taken the nickname.
Notice that Server is not synIRC, we need to change that. On the left side you have Category, right under Connect you have Servers. Select that.
In the Servers tab you only need to scroll and find synIRC, select it and click Select.
Other application may not have the servers listed, if that is the case add the server with this adress:
Notice that Server now says synIRC. Click on connect!
Wait until the server connects you (you see a lot of text scrolling down fast). Once that is done, this window opens.
Here on top you type in the channel: and then click join.
Congrats! You have successfully joined and is ready to chat.