There is three ways to get your things protected inside the server. First one is a simple chest-protection, the other two are region protections.
For chest-protection you need a Sign for each chest you want to protect. To create your own region protection you need a Wooden Axe and few commands.
The last way is to get a moderator to create a region protection for you when he/she is in-game.

Chest protection
Protect a chest
Place a sign next or above your chest and type in the first line [Protection] then click Done.
If the sign text color turns BLUE and your player name now appears in the last line then your chest is successfully protected.
If the sign text color turns RED it means there was an error and your chest is not protected. Try again and remember the sign must be placed in the block next to the chest and not further away.
If the sign text color does not change and is still black it means you did not write [Protection] correctly and your chest is not protected. Make sure you write the line correctly.
Allow friends to access your protected chest
To allow friends to access your protected chest you must add their player name when you place the sign.
Add the player name (not nickname) of your friend in the second line of your sign then click Done.
If you want to allow a second friend to access then you type his name on the third line then click Done.
The last line of the sign must ALWAYS be empty because it is reserved for your name. Each protected chest has a limit of two additional friend.
Additional facts about chest protection
If text color turns red it usually means the sign could not find a chest next to it. Try and place the sign in another position.
Once the chest protection is created correctly it is impossible for a normal player to break the chest or the sign. It even resists TNT.
Moderators can break and access protected chest.
If you can not get chest protection to work for you then ask in-game for help.
Claim your own region protection
While chest-protection defends your chests, what about your house and all those other items outside of your chest?
For that we have a region claim system which allows you to create a protection for a bigger area in-game. All you need is a wooden axe and a few basic commands.

Each player is limited to max:
 • 7 region claims.
 • 30.000 blockspace per region.
Step 1 - Mark your positions
Imagine how big of an area you want to protect and do not forget the limit. Mark the corners of the square with torches so you can more easily see where the limits are.
 • Grab your trusty wooden axe and go to one corner and LEFT-click on the block to mark First Position. Indicated by pink text in-game.
 • Walk now to the opposite (diagonally) corner and RIGHT-click on the block to mark Second Position. Indicated by pink text in-game.
Step 2 - Expand your selection
//expand 10 15 up
Because you probably hit the ground or grass with your axe, the current selection you have is pretty flat so you must expand it up and down a few blocks.
This command does the trick for you - 10 means you select additional 10 blocklevels up and 15 means you select additional 15 blocklevels down. You can change those numbers to how much you want to expand.
When you run this command you will get a pink text in-game that tells you how many blocks the region has expanded.
If the number is above 30.000 blocks then your selected area is to big and you will have to repeat the progress with a smaller area.
If the number is below 30.000 blocks then move on to Step 3.
Step 3 - Claim the area
/region claim <id> <owner>
For the id use your own player name. If this is not the first region you claim then add a number 2-7 at the end.
For the owner you must add your own player name here. If you do not own your own region it means you get locked out of it.
Additional region commands
Resize your protection
/region redefine <id>
If your house has grown outside your protected region then it is time to expand.
You need to repeat Step 1 and 2 from above but instead of claim you use this command.
The id is the name of the region you want to redefine.
Region information
/region info
Did you forget what the name of your region was or the number? Typing in the wrong id that is protecting something else will leave those things unprotected. So make sure you are doing action for the correct id.
This command gives you information and id about the region you are standing on.
Allow a friend to access your region
/region addmember <id> <member>
This command allow friends to access everything within your region like chests (except chest-protected ones) and add/break blocks.
A member do not equal an owner so he/she can never remove owner or edit the protected regions.
Remove a member from access to your region
/region removemember <id> <member>
This command work the same way as adding a member but in reverse. Here you kick out members that already have access to your region.
Removing a member the person can still enter your region but can not access chest or add/break blocks.
Region flags
Flags are options that you can set within your own regions. Like a welcome message or deny pvp inside your land.

/region flag <id> greeting "message"
Adds a welcome message to everyone who enters our region area. You can add %name% inside the message if you want visitors to get a personal message like "Welcome %name%" becomes "Welcome Scrimshire" if Scrimshire is visiting you.
Do not insult others or use swear words!.

/region flag <id> farewell "message"
Adds a goodbye message to everyone who leaves our region area. %name% works here too
Do not insult others or use swear words!.

/region flag <id> pvp deny
This stops the ability to pvp inside your region. Pvp is set to allow by the default.
If you want to allow pvp again then use same command but use allow instead of deny.

/region flag <id> chest-access allow
Allows EVERYONE on the server to access chests inside the region (except protected ones).
Chest-access is on deny to outsiders by default. To block access to others again use the command but deny instead of allow

/region flag <id> leaf-decay deny
This command blocks leaves from vanishing with time.
Warning: If put leaf-decay on deny then you design something leafy, if you use allow on this command leafs will start to vanish again.

/region flag <id> enderpearl deny
Blocks the use of enderpearl inside your region.

/region flag <id> use deny
Blocks non-region owners/members from using anything mechanical like a door, trapdoor, switches, buttons and so on.
If you need more help with other flags or to expand/create a region bigger than 30.000 block then just ask a moderator in-game. They have the abilities.