There is many commands available for you in-game. Here we will list what we feel are the more important ones.


Views a list of available commands to you in-game.

Displays the login welcome message again.

Displays a link to the Rules.

List all the players online. Also shows if they are AFK.
Private message
/msg <player> <message>
Sends a private message to a player that is online.

/r <message>
Replies a private message to last sender.
/mail read
Views all the mails send to you. You can receive mails even if you are offline.

/mail send <player> <message>
Sends a mail to a player. This works even if the player is offline.

/mail clear
Deletes all the mail on your inbox. If you get a lot of mail, clear it after reading because there is an inbox limit.
/ignore <player>
Does not display any message from this player. It's the same command if you want to unignore.

Teleport to main spawn area - Alma Castillo.

Teleports you to your location prior to spawn or tpa.
/home <id>
Teleport to your home. The id is set with the command below.

/sethome <id>
Set your home to your current location. Limit is 3 homes. The id can be any word you would like.

/delhome <id>
Removes a home. The id must match the one you choose with /sethome
/tpa <player>
Request to teleport to specified player. They can accept or deny the request.

/tpahere <player>
Request a specified player to teleport to you. They can accept or deny the request.

If someone wants to teleport to you or request for you to come, you accept with this command.

Denies all kinds of teleport requests.

Put your character in AFK state. Also set automatic after 5 minutes inactivity. Notifies the server.

Display the amount of money you have.

/pay <player> <amount>
Pays another player from your balance.

Put on some cool new headgear.

View information about your exp.

This command makes you kill yourself. Attention: Doing so will make you drop all items and lose the exp.

/me <message>
Describes an action in 3rd person. You egoist >.>

/nick <nickname>
Change your display name. Do /nick off to remove. Do NOT impersonate other players, abuse the command or put offensive words as nick.

View the top-list of the wealthiest on the server.

/recipe <name>
Shows you how to make a certain item in-game. e.g., /recipe chest

/itemdb (<name>)
View information of item in your hand, optional if you put a name after command. Short names can be used in trading as well.

View your coordinates.

Describes your current bearing.

States current depth, relative to sea level.

Display world time.

Pong! - Great for checking lag delays.